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Cosmetics 27 is an exciting new brand to land at Lookfantastic! Skincare that has been created especially for dry, damaged ageing skin. Supplying moisture while nurturing and soothing, for a rejuvenating experience.

Made with highly effective natural ingredients and innovative and exceptional textures, this range of cleansers, moisturisers and skin balms will regenerate and correct the skin's balance.

“My philosophy is simple. It is based on my training as a pharmacist and my experience in cosmetics, but more essentially on my own needs and expectations when it comes to skincare. I create and develop uncompromising, effective and ethical products. I am guided by my own skin’s specific needs, my product experience, my instinct and my passion for research and innovation. To discover our products is to make the brand your own in a certain way.” Michele Evrard, Founder of M.E SkinLab

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