CosRx Toners

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Treat your skin and give your regime a boost with the Cosrx toner range.

Cosrx are renowned for their toners. Forget the toners of days gone by that were laden with alcohol and did nothing more than leave the skin dry and tight; each toner in this collection is formulated with minimal ingredients but still packed with effective actives. Whether you're looking to clarify oily skin, give a hydration boost to dry skin or exfoliate for a radiant glow, there's a Cosrx toner formula to suit your needs. Each product is simple to use, perfect whether you're a 12-step skincare addict or prefer to keep your routine minimal.

Cosrx are the Korean beauty brand that you need to know about. Where K-beauty brands go, the rest of the world follows, thanks to their constant innovation. Bringing the formulas of tomorrow to today's consumers, they focus on clean products that are packed with actives that get to the root of specific skincare concerns.

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