Darphin Eye Care

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The delicate skin around your eyes is quicker to show signs of fatigue and stress than the rest of your complexion. It is also very sensitive and needs specially formulated products for eyes such as our Darphin Eye Care range to restore a cool and dewy freshness.

Lack of sleep, stress, pollution – all the daily assaults of modern life can affect your skin. Because the skin around your eyes is thin and delicate, this can show up as puffiness, dark circles, tightness and fine lines. Applying makeup can mask but not solve the problem. The Darphin Eye Care range of moisturisers, serums and gels uses an ultra-light formula that delivers a soothing, cooling, hydrating treatment without weight. The products can be used every day, alone or beneath make up.

Put the sparkle back into your gaze with this refreshing youth-enhancing range of under-eye treatments.

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