ESPA Diffusers & Diffuser Oils

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Fill your home with uplifting scents with ESPA’s diffuser range. Crafted from essential oils, their brilliant blends work to match your every mood – whether you’re seeking a sense of calm or an invigorating energy boost.

Drift off into a deep slumber with the brand’s ‘Restful’ fragrance, harnessing blissful notes of lavender, clary sage and bergamot. Or bring sunshine to your space with joyful jasmine, gardenia and rose geranium in the ‘Positivity’ line-up. Just dispense a few drops of oil into your ESPA diffuser to rebalance your senses.

The brand has an array of reed diffusers too which fill your home with their luxurious fragrance throughout the day, supporting you on your wellbeing journey from the second you wake to the moment you go to sleep.

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