Filorga Lifting & Anti-Ageing

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Discover the powerful effects of Filorga Lifting and Anti-Ageing products today.

Founded in 1978, Filorga was the first French aesthetic medicine laboratory, developing injectables that are used in skin clinics throughout the world. As leaders in producing revolutionary anti-ageing treatments, Filorga then began to create home-use skincare products with the same focus on powerful anti-ageing technologies.

Filorga's cutting-edge formulas work to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other ageing concerns. Each product in Filorga’s signature NCTF (now NCEF) range is based on their injectables, providing salon-quality anti-ageing results in your daily skincare regime. Chronosphere technology is used in each formula, ensuring that every molecule is able to penetrate between the layers of the skin where it can really get to work and deliver visible results.

As well as these advanced technologies, Filorga are passionate about the benefits of hyaluronic acid. The brand's founder, Dr Michel Tordjman, was way ahead of the current trend and has been including this hydrating and plumping ingredient in every Filorga product since 1978.

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