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The Gallinée brand was founded by Dr Marie Drago in 2016. It was the first brand in the skincare market to focus exclusively on the body's natural microbiome production. It fuses lactic, prebiotic and probiotic acid complexes so that skin looks younger, stronger and more nourished. However, this is not all microbiome is good for. It’s supercharged and has the dual purpose of keeping the gut healthy, which Drago discovered as a result of her university thesis, her career in pharmacy and her diagnosis of several auto-immune disorders.

Gallinée’s unorthodoxy continues with its bestselling Prebiotic Face Vinegar. Not only does it contain prebiotics to supplement the body’s natural production, but it also contains – you guessed it – real vinegar! Together, the dermatologist-tested formula comes in toner form, shrinking the appearance of pores, levelling out complexions and soothing inflamed, sensitive skin. This leads to an illuminating glow for a healthier and happier face.

In 2021, the Gallinée brand is expanding on the back of this success, venturing into oral care and anti-dandruff solutions. LOOKFANTASTIC is an official stockist of Gallinée skincare in the UK.

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