Gatineau Face and Body Essentials

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Keep your youthful radiance for longer with the glowing properties of Gatineau Face & Body Essentials. Our selection of products from this luxury French brand includes all that you need to look young and fresh. As well as anti-ageing day creams, night creams and serums, you'll find sun protection products, cleansers and more.

Gatineau is renowned for its careful blend of natural ingredients and cutting-edge biotechnology. A thoughtful scientific process lies behind each product, for powerful skincare tools that get results. Many of these creams also use some of nature's most luxurious ingredients. As you smooth them onto your skin, you'll enjoy the feeling of being in a five-star spa hotel, even in your own home.

Find just one Gatineau product and keep it as a special treat, or use a selection regularly for a full skincare routine. With an emphasis on anti-ageing across the line, Gatineau will help you feel younger, fresher and more vibrant.

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