House 99 Beard & Shaving

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Prone to red, irritated or bumpy skin post-shave? Say goodbye to these common woes with the House 99 Beard and Shaving collection, created by football legend, David Beckham.

The range includes a number of grooming products designed for men. There are shaving foams and creams for creating that gentlemanly close-shave, but if that’s not your look, there’s also beard oils and balms to tame and soften facial hair. There’s also hair products to give you the power to sculpt your locks into new styles.

Having undergone a number of different styles over the years, Beckham launched his House 99 collection to give men the inspiration to try new things and shape new looks. Named in honour of the year Manchester United won the treble, and the year he got married and had his son Brooklyn, Beckham has worked with barbers to find the best ingredients to support men everywhere.

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