Joico Style & Finish

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You've got the right shampoo and conditioner, so why does your hair still not look its best? You might find your answer in our collection of Joico Style & Finish products. This stylish selection is designed to be used after you've washed your hair, to mould your locks into the look you want.

Here you'll find a mixture of styling oils, creams, serums, sprays and more. Some will add texture or sleekness to your hair, while others are formulated to embolden your colour. They'll give you a brighter, bolder, more saturated tone.

If you fancy taking a walk on the wild side, you'll even find some finishing sprays here that will temporarily change your hair colour. Feel like rocking something completely different for one night only? This is the place to be. These bright, funky sprays will wash right out, allowing you to enjoy a fun new colour then go back to your tried and tested look.

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