Kevyn Aucoin Lips

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Are you ready to pay 'lip service' to one of your most prominent facial features? You can ensure that your lips are as sassy and seductive as you please any time of the day or night, with the Kevyn Aucoin Lips range. Here you will find a full selection of makeup tools dedicated to keeping your lips looking well defined and in great condition. Browse some of the finest pencils, lipgloss and lipstick from the Kevyn Aucoin brand - the company led by the famous American make up artist known as a trailblazer in the world of beauty.

These products come in various shades, allowing you to mix and match according to your particular mood or outfit. This selection includes moisturising formulas which don't only leave your lips looking good; they also feel good and offer the advantage of being long-lasting, and easy to apply.

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