KMS Colour Vitality Range

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Dyed hair is great, but it can start to fade pretty quickly. Want to hear some good news? We stock a fantastic range of KMS Color Vitality products, specially designed to protect your colour and keep your hair looking its brightest and most beautiful. With a range of shampoos and conditioners to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Whether you’ve gone all out blonde or are just experimenting with colour, you’ll notice your hair dye starts to fade out after a time. The products in this KMS range have been designed by hair care experts, and are specially formulated to help protect your hair colour and ensure it lasts for longer.

Don’t let your colour fade when there’s a simple solution right here! Explore the lookfantastic collection of KMS Color Vitality products, and keep your hair looking as bright and bold as the day you applied your dye.

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