Korres 4D Black Pine & Castanea Arcadia

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Our collection of Korres 3D Black Pine & Castanea Arcadia aims to give you that facial experience in your own home. With a range of makeup and skincare, we have all you could need to keep you looking radiant from day to night.

If you are looking for products that will bring the youth back into your skin, Korres’ range of eye serums and facial creams with firming, lifting and brightening effects are the perfect match for you. If you prefer the same skincare benefits but in the form of makeup, this range also includes foundation and concealer which have the same tightening and brightening properties. The Black Pine Extract used in the entire collection is the star ingredient and is used to restore life back into dull and tired skin.

If you want to restore that youthful glow into your skin, whether it's through your skincare or makeup, there is a product in this range for you.

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