Leonor Greyl Specific Shampoos

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Our collection of Leonor Greyl Specific Shampoos are tailored to your hair type, providing the required level of care and protection your hair needs.

Not all shampoos are suitable for all hair types. Leonor Greyl have adapted their range of shampoos to meet specific needs; such as a blend to deal with the unique combination of dry ends and an oily scalp, or shampoo specially for baby’s hair — designed to be more delicate on the scalp and skin, without causing irritation if contact is made with baby’s eyes.

While other brands mainly seem to focus on one benefit, such as dry ends, or an oily scalp, Leonor Greyl have formulated a range which understands that some people require more than one action from their shampoo.

These products don't just get results, they are also beautifully fragranced, leaving your hair clean, in its best condition and smelling lovely. So there’s no need to sacrifice smell for great looking hair when you can have both.

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