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Ensure that both your lipstick and lip gloss look perfect and precise with MAC's collection of lip brushes. These applicators usually boast a thin, pencil-like wand with firm bristles that are shaped into a tapered point; these brushes are especially useful when it comes to the application of dark or bright lipsticks. Choose from the MAC 316 Lip brush and the MAC 318 Retractable Lip Brush. 

Do You Really Need To Use A Lip Brush? 

Very simply, the answer is yes. You do need to use a lip brush! However, lipstick brushes are sometimes regarded as unnecessary and are neglected from makeup brush collections. If you truly want to achieve a flawless lipstick and lip gloss application then the use of a lip brush is essential. Here are our three top reasons as to why lip brushes are an important step of every lip application:

1: Lip brushes are specifically designed to apply lipsticks and lip glosses, therefore you will be able to achieve a much more precise finish than with the product alone. The tool's long handle will provide you with optimum control, whereas the tapered bristles will help you to produce a clean and sharp look.  

2: If you are going to mix lip cosmetics or perhaps even experiment with an ombre lip, then you will definitely require a lip brush. These tools can not only help to flawlessly blend products, but also help your lipstick to last longer as you will not need to apply as many layers. 

3: In comparison to using just the lip product itself, using a brush is much more hygienic! Due to the fact that you can clean your makeup tools in between uses, using a lip brush will prevent the build up of bacteria and aid a much cleaner application.   

How To Use A Mac Lip Brush:

Firstly, line your lips with your favourite MAC lip liner, then blend the product out into the rest of your lip for a much more natural effect. Then, pick up your desired lip product (whether this may be lipstick or lip gloss) with the brush and apply it to the centre of your lips. Finish by blending the product out to the edges of your lips for an even and flawless look. 

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