Narciso Rodriguez Men's Fragrances

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Cool, classy, stylish...and enchanting. The Narciso Rodriguez For Him collection has it all - so check out our full range at lookfantastic.

This signature scent from the New York-based fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez embodies the core values of his unique Cuban-American style and combines them with Latin, American and European vibes. The Narciso Rodriguez For Him range includes eau de toilette, eau de parfum and deodorant, all of which smell absolutely incredible and will certainly draw comments! Head-turning yet subtle, with citrus notes and woody hints that give a noticeable yet incredibly fresh scent, the Narciso Rodriguez For Him range is perfect for work, play and everything in between!

All Narciso Rodriguez aftershaves come in stylish yet durable bottles, with sleek lines and smooth caps that exude high fashion. Ideal for a gift or just for a self-care treat, you can enjoy an incredibly fresh scent that suits any occasion!

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