NUXE for Men

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It's true. Men have different skin than women. It's thicker, which means guys are more likely to get imperfections like redness, pimples and blackheads, as well as suffer from dry skin. That's why NUXE for Men have developed their men's range, designed specifically as the next generation of skincare for guys.

Combining the power of nature with luxurious skincare, Nuxe for Men is perfect for everyday use. Each product contains active tree extracts and spicy, woody, and masculine notes. The textures work to combat common skincare problems and help tiredness, add hydration, and prevent excess oil buildup. These everyday essentials cleanse, condition and moisturise for a clear, healthy complexion without the shine. Or make shaving a breeze with their anti-irritation shaving products that leave skin feeling soft and itch-free.

From moisturising shower gels to soothing shaving products, Nuxe for Men has something for all skin types — even sensitive skin.

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