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Oribe was made for the hair-obsessed. Established in 2008, Daniel Kaner, Tevya Finger and Oribe Canales combined their years of styling experience in salons and editorial to deliver products with superior craftsmanship and performance.

Looking to create innovative formulas, Oribe wanted to design a range of professional-quality hair care that allowed the users to see, but also feel, the difference. Working with top laboratories, they developed a full product range to tackle any hair concern with high-performance, clean formulas.

When it comes to luxury beauty, there needs to be a little something extra to make the usage extra special. Instead of using a tried-and-tested stock fragrance, Oribe collaborated with a top perfume house to develop a signature scent. The products are enriched with notes of bergamot, Sicilian orange, sandalwood, amber and tuberose, to transport you to the French Riveria with every use.

Although Oribe isn’t currently available at lookfantastic, here are some products we think you’ll love.

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