Paco Rabanne Million

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Feel like a million dollars with Paco Rabanne 1 Million, an olfactory portrayal of every man’s fantasy: wealth, power and luxury.

A men’s fragrance icon that dares to explore contrasts, the scent features the juicy-cool spray of zesty grapefruit and sweet, sun-drenched florals that collide with hints of leather accord and resinous undertones.

Not only does the fragrance smell expensive, 1 Million is a picture of opulence, held in a glistening metal bottle inspired by bullions of pure gold.

Explore the riches of 1 Million, a collection of fragrances and scented bodycare to empower you with fearless suave. For the perfect power couple match, discover Lady Million, an anthology of various women’s fragrance that are equally as indulgent.

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