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Naturally curly hair can be hard to manage. Finding the right balance between beautifully bouncy curls and serious frizz is a very thin line, which is where the Paul Mitchell Curls haircare line comes into play.

If you're new to the collection, or want to find out more about what makes the Paul Mitchell Curl range so brilliant for curls, discover more below with our guide to each product.

Paul Mitchell Curls Spring Loaded Frizz-Fighting Shampoo

This super nourishing and luxurious formulation transforms into an incredibly creamy lather when mixed with water, which helps to gently cleanse curls without roughing up the natural hair cuticle. This reduces the potential for frizz, and instead enhances your naturally beautiful curl.

Paul Mitchell Curls Full Circle Leave In Treatment

This wonderful leave-in treatment from Paul Mitchell helps to hydrate curls and keep them soft, healthy and manageable. The nourishing formula adds a silken touch to hair, while the lightweight texture means curly stay bouncy and voluminous.

Paul Mitchell Curls Ultimate Wave

If you have wavier hair rather than tight ringlets, you will love the Paul Mitchell Ultimate Curls Wave treatment. It contains Mushroom Extract, which helps to smooth out the hair and reduce frizz, all while keeping that beautiful tousled look.

Paul Mitchell Curls Twirl Around

Keep your hair voluminous and bouncy with the Paul Mitchell Curls Twirl Around. It's a hydrating cream with a smoothing gel infused inside to nourish, whilst also keeping frizz at bay. The formula helps to separate and define, so you have beautifully big and bouncy curls to last all day.

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