Real Techniques Finish

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With their fun and down to earth style, Sam and Nic Chapman continue to shine with a make-up brush collection like no other. The professional, yet hugely accessible approach of Real Techniques has allowed make-up lovers the world over the chance to explore and create a range of looks through make-up. Boundaries are lifted, and imaginations are unleashed. The Real Techniques Finish Collection offers sleek design for flawless application. From simple daytime looks to dramatic transformations, this range of brushes allows you to do it all, and more!

With a wealth of experience under their belts, Sam and Nic have successfully drawn from techniques used whilst freelancing at fashion weeks, as well as the real-life experiences of viewers from their popular YouTube channel. This connection to their audience forms a personal approach and a unique insight into the needs of real customers. The outstanding Finish Collection demonstrates just this, with a range of brushes of superb quality, meeting and exceeding the needs of makeup wearers everywhere.

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