Sebastian Professional Trilliance

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It's no wonder that professional hairstylists all over the world use Sebastian Trilliance products. We've put together a selection of this brand's best shampoos and conditioners. Use them to give your hair a nourishing deep cleanse that will leave it fresher, more vibrant, and totally free from any dirt or pollutants.

The smoothing powers of Trilliance shampoo and conditioner have made it a firm favourite with professionals. These products are designed to smooth down your hair, cuticle by cuticle. This will strengthen against breakage and the formation of split ends, as well as giving you hair that better reflects the light. That means a brighter, shinier finish that will turn heads.

Enhanced with rock crystal extract to get right to the heart of each strand, Trilliance shampoo and conditioner offers sleek, smooth results every day. Use these products alongside a styling product from Sebastian Professional for a salon-fresh look.

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