Raw Shea Butter to Restore & Moisturise

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Damaged hair? It's not too late to restore it to its former glory, thanks to our collection of Shea Moisture Damaged Transitioning Hair Products. The key word here is moisture: these nourishing products will hydrate your stressed-out strands, bringing them back to life with a bit of tender loving care.

This range from Shea Moisture is ideal if you are transitioning to natural Afro hair. Your hair may be damaged by chemical treatments used previously, so these products will soothe and soften it. Dryness is undone, leaving your hair more elastic and less prone to breakage. With every use, you'll build up your hair's natural defences, undoing years of damage from heat and chemicals.

Speed up your journey to natural hair with these nutrient-rich products. Use them as part of your regular hair care routine, and you'll see your frazzled, exhausted locks gradually transform into a far more vibrant and beautiful head of hair.

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