Shea Moisture Haircare

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Care for your hair the natural way with the Shea Moisture Haircare range.

Shea Moisture is a haircare brand specialising in natural products. Whether you're looking to lock in moisture, care for curls, maintain sleek, shiny hair or simply strengthen and protect, Shea Moisture products ensure hair is always left feeling and looking super healthy. Enhancing the power of nature, their products are filled with the caring benefits of ingredients such as coconut, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, manuka honey and their innovative Superfruit Complex 10. Every ingredient is sustainably sourced, so you can rest assured that your haircare is good for the planet, as well as your locks.

The origins of Shea Moisture is a truly heart-warming family story. Back in 1912, Sofi Tucker, a 19-year-old widowed mother-of-4 would sell shea butter and homemade hair and skin concoctions across the Sierra Leone countryside. Inspired by her hard work, her granddaughters established Shea Moisture to carry on her legacy.

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