Shiseido BioPerformance Range

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Remarkable skin that’s renewed, repaired and sculpted is entirely possible with the Shiseido Bio-Performance range. The science behind this collection is revolutionary and offers intensive products that bring skin back to its original supple self whilst fighting wrinkles, smoothing the complexion and giving you that much-coveted glow.

Whether you're struggling with dark under-eye circles, dull, fatigued skin or the first stages of fine lines, Shiseido's brightening eye treatments, revitalising creams and rich formulas will firm and tighten the skin, stimulate the cell renewal process and hydrate from deep within. Look out for LiftDynamic technology that converts deeper damaged cells into healthy stronger ones and Glow Revival formulas that plump, revive and illuminate the tiny capillaries beneath the skin leaving you with a flawless complexion.

Bio-Performance provides targeted solutions to ageing skin that’s showing signs of sagging and wrinkles. The way these products strengthen the skin is almost magical and the infusion of hyaluronic acid gives the complexion intense hydration and nourishment. This sleek range is perfect for all skin types that need elasticity restored and want to see a strong, lifting effect.

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