Shiseido Sun Protection

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Heal your skin from the damage of UV rays with Shiseido Sun Protection

Shiseido is a brand that originated from humble origins in 1872 when Arinobu Fukuhara established Japan's first ever Western-style pharmacy in the Ginza region of Tokyo. It specialised in providing consumers with some of the world's best health and wellbeing products, before the fully-fledged development of its own-brand products. The year 1923 marks the birth of the Shiseido Sun Care collection, which is still celebrated today, in a bid to protect our skin from the damage done by the sun and its UV rays.

Over the years, Shiseido's research into this area has expanded, and with it, its ability to respond to consumer needs. Proving to be a world leader in understanding and adapting UVA technology, Shiseido has always stressed the importance of suncare to combat the signs of ageing, from wrinkles and fine lines to age spots.

Star proSun Care collection heroes include the non-sticky Expert Sun Protector Face and Body Lotion SPF50+ and the After-Sun Intensive Recovery Emulsion.

LOOKFANTASTIC are official stockists of the Shiseido Sun Care collection.

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