Bakuchiol Skincare

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A plant-based alternative to retinol, bakuchiol is perfect for tackling signs of ageing. It's found in the leaves and seeds of the Psoralea corylifolia plant, and is a powerful antioxidant that can help soften wrinkles, restore skin elasticity and even out your complexion. TheAntipodes Credo Probiotic Ferment Revitalise Serum is a potent multi-tasking formula that is perfect for tackling a range of common skin concerns.

Although bakuchiol is an alternative to retinol, the two can be used to supercharge your routine, helping to stabilise the retinol and prolong its effect. Bakuchiol has also been known to calm the skin, so sensitive skin types will find it helps soothe the skin when applying retinol.

Want to target your eye area? Turn to none other than theNIP+FAB Retinol Fix Eye Cream 2%. This high-concentration formula harnesses bakuchiol and vitamin C to brighten, soften and firm the delicate skin around your eyes.

Our bakuchiol skincare comes in varying concentrations, so you can easily build it into your routine. The most effective percentages for visible results are 0.5–2%. Just apply it to a cleansed face and neck morning and evening, and always follow with a broad spectrum SPF in the day.

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