Skincare for all Skin Types

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Treat your skin to what it really needs with the Specific Care range at lookfantastic, with an assortment of formulas to provide your skin with a range of benefits.
Balms work on soothing, healing and comforting your skin, benefiting dull and tired skin to firm and nourish your complexion.
Lotions provide a lighter formula for care; perfect for oily skin these lotions target sebum production to reduce shine.
Serums work hard to regenerate and repair your skin with rich, potent formulas that give your skin an intense treatment.
Gels consist of a light liquid-gel that works on lifting, replenishing and soothing your skin a quick absorbing way.
Oils enhance your complexion for everyday beauty, with a superb consistency that glides onto your skin and absorbs quickly.
Mists quench your skin and can be used either before your moisturiser or throughout the day for a boost of hydration.

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