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Taking care of your tresses is more than just shampoo, conditioners and luxurious hair treatments – you need to choose the right hair comb for your locks too. The key to detangling and preventing breakages, it's important to find the right comb for your needs. Hair that's dry or damaged will be more prone to knotting and matting, if that sounds like you, a detangling comb is the way forwards. These specially-made combs work to gently separate your strands, while minimising frizz and flyaways too.

If you love to curl or wave your hair, wide-toothed combs are perfect for brushing through your finished look without causing unruly and unwanted frizz. And they're perfect for distributing conditioner through your hair in the shower too. But you also need to consider the thickness of your hair too. Fine hair is more likely to flyaway and go static, and can be more prone to breakages, so look for combs made with super-soft, flexible bristles that are more gentle on your strands. Thicker hair types will love our sturdy combs that make detangling tumbling tresses a breeze.

Looking to add some oopmh to your style? We've also got an array of teasing combs to help lift your hair from the root. You can use them to backcomb your hair, adding effortless volume where you need it, or to distribute products like gels to create that slicked back updo.
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