Hair Care Gift Sets

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Get your hair on top form with the Gifts & Packs range from Lookfantastic. With duos and packs of shampoos and conditioners brought together to provide you with flawless results.
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Black Hair packs boost the shine of your hair, preventing dullness and improving the sleekness of your hair.
Coloured Hair packs transform your coloured hair and boost the vitality of your shade to give you salon worthy results.
Damaged Hair packs rescue and repair your hair to reduce breakage and keep your hair looking healthy.
Fine Hair packs give you added body and volume from root to tip.
Highlighted Hair packs ensure that the brighter notes of your really shine and leave you with salon worthy hair.
Oily Hair packs reduce oil production whilst hydrating and nourishing your hair.
Sensitive Scalp packs use gentle formulations to ensure that your scalp is kept happy during washing.
Sun & Water Care packs take care of pests like sun, sea and chlorine damage to ensure your hair is healthy again.
Anti-Dandruff packs banish flakes to leave your hair clean and clear without a worry.
Blonde Hair packs are designed to brighten your blonde hair whilst removing brassy notes from your colour.
Curly & Wavy Hair packs really keep your hair full of bounce, neatening up your curls and waves to leave your style sleek and shiny.
Dry Hair packs quench the thirst of your hair to reduce how brittle it is and lock moisture in.
Frizzy Hair packs soften your hair and calm your frizz to leave your hair sleek and shiny.
Mature Hair packs fight the signs of aging by thoroughly moisturizing and nourishing your hair.