Scalp Massage Brushes

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"The best way to recreate that relaxing hair salon massage at home? A scalp massage brush. These ingenious designs soothe tension, while reducing product build-up and even boost hair growth. They're an easy add-on to your haircare regimen too, suitable for use in or out of the shower.

When using a scalp massager in the shower, it's best to use it alongside your favourite shampoo for an extra deep clean. The brush will help to gently lift away any debris and product build-up from your scalp, with the help of all those suds too. For a relaxing, tension-soothing experience, you can also use scalp massages on dry hair too. Apply a few drops of your favourite hair serum to your scalp, gently work the massager around your scalp and roots, and feel all your stress melt away.

You can use your scalp massage brush once or twice a week, because while they're great for exfoliating your scalp, over-exfoliating could irritate your scalp. You can completely tailor your treatments to you too, applying as much or as little pressure as you need. You can also use your favourite shampoos, conditioners and scalp serums to boost your massage. Spend 3–5 minutes gently working the massage brush over your scalp and roots, before rinsing off any product and following up with the rest of your regular haircare routine."

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