Banish brassy tones and illuminate your blonde with the Moroccanoil Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo and Conditioner.

Silver Shampoo

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Want a phenomenal fix for brassy tones in blonde, grey, white and coloured hair? One of the beauty industry’s magic tricks is silver shampoo, jam-packed with colour correcting purple and blue pigments that slay orange hues. Our range of silver and purple shampoo products feature some of the best brands on the market including L’Oreal, Goldwell, Redken and Sachajuan.

With more balancing power than a professional gymnast, our range of silver and purple shampoos effectively neutralise unwanted warm tones. Silver shampoo uses the science of colour theory to give you back those jaw-dropping cool tones. Purple and blue pigments balance out any orange or brassiness that creeps in and they also work exceptionally well on locks exposed to chlorine and sunlight. Sure, you'll still need to go to the salon for a root touch up, but between visits, you can keep your hair as ice cool as a magical winter day.

From anti-yellowing agents and violet pigments to moisturising vitamins and optical brighteners, blonde and grey hair can wave goodbye to brassiness and achieve beautiful tone with our superstar silver and purple shampoos.

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