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Create bold, daring looks with our range of professional Eyeliner Brushes here at LOOKFANTASTIC. From NYX to Sigma and ZOEVA to MAC, discover the best Eyeliner Brush to create a precise wing or a blown-out smoky effect.

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Eyeliner brushes

Nailing the perfect cat-eye look is all down to the application. Eyeliner brushes are the ideal way to get a precise, even application on both eyes.

How do you use an eyeliner brush?

  1. Dip your eyeliner brush into your chose eyeliner product

  2. Starting at inner corner of your lid with the point facing the innermost part, gently sweep the product along the lash line to the outer corner.

  3. For a cat eye look, take your brush and following the natural line of your eye, sweep the liner outwards to give you a flick.

  4. Flip the brush around so that the point is aligned with the edge of your flick and carefully connect the wing to the main lash line, making sure it’s all filled in.

  5. Tidy up any lines or mistakes using a wipe or cotton bud to leave a sharp flick.

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