Magnetic Eyelashes

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If you’ve been searching for eyelashes that go on without a fuss, look no further than magnetic false eyelashes. No gluey mess or lashes getting stuck to your fingers, just press and go! But “how do they work?” we hear you ask. Magnetic eyelashes usually come with a magnetic liner which you secure the lashes onto. They blend seamlessly with your natural lashes, and you don’t need to worry about them losing their grip throughout the day.

Whether you love a dramatic look or a less-is-more approach, we’ve got a range of falsies to choose from. Eylure’s Pro Magnetic Volume Lashes will give you a full-on flutter that will have you party-ready in minutes, while the Ardell Magnetic MegaHold Liquid Liner and Lash Demi Wispies are perfect for an everyday look.

Natural magnetic lashes tend to be comfier to wear, easier to apply, and longer-lasting than traditional lashes. Because you can reuse magnetic false eyelashes, they’re a great affordable option. Just be sure to clean your lashes to get the most wear out of them. It also means they’re a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional falsies too. Once you try magnetic false eyelashes, we know you’ll never look at glue-on falsies again!
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