Men's Fake Tan

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If you’re looking for that holiday glow all year round, fake tan is a completely safe way to achieve a golden complexion without the risks associated with sun exposure and sunbeds. Our collection of men’s self tan products includes gradual and instant tanning lotions, moisturisers and mousses to help you achieve a streak-free tan all year round.

The collection includes tanning drops that you can add to your everyday face or body moisturiser for a healthy looking glow. There’s also lightweight lotions which contain fake tan, allowing you to build up to your desired shade, while moisturising your skin. If you’re looking for an instant tan for a special occasion, check out our instant tan range for impressive results in no time at all.

As well as tanning products, we have exfoliating mitts to allow you to achieve that flawless finish and tan eraser for any mistakes.

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