Nail Art Top Coats

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Want the look of high fashion nail art without the fuss? Here's your answer, using the Nail Art Top Coats from Look Fantastic you can get a stunning finish without the hassle.
Shatter top coats work brilliantly for those who want something that's utterly stunning and quick to do. Simply use a normal nail polish as your base, then using the shatter colour of your choice paint on top and wait for the magic to happen. The polish begins the separate, making it look like it has literally shattered on your nails. This lets the colour underneath show through for a great effect with quick results.
The Magnetic effect is now taking the world by storm, with a beautiful marble effect the magnet polish uses tiny metallic particles and iron powder to create the design. Simply paint on and using the magnet top to attract the iron powder up forming a pattern with astonishing results.
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