Waterproof Sunscreen

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Going to the beach? Take care of your skin with Waterproof Sunscreen. You might think that you're safe from UV rays when you're submerged in the sea - but sadly, they can still get to you. Choose waterproof sun protection to avoid burning.

Our selection of waterproof sunscreen contains a wide range of products from different, trusted brands. Look for an SPF factor that's suitable for you. You'll also be able to choose from sprays, creams, and lotions, depending on your preference. Some melt instantly into your skin, for total invisibility. Be sure to reapply your product throughout the day, especially if you're outside during the hottest hours.

Still want that golden glow? Get it safely by using tinted waterproof sunscreen. This will subtly change your skin colour, giving you a hint of bronze without any painful redness. You'll look great on the beach, and your skin will stay safe all day.

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