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What are the different types of pollution we need to be aware of when it comes to skincare?

What are the different types of pollution we need to be aware of when it comes to skincare?
Team LF
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When it comes to looking after our skin, sometimes it takes a little more than pretty bottles and nice-smelling formulas. There are different types of pollution that can radically alter the structure of our skin, which can result in breakouts, premature-ageing, damage and dehydration.

SkinCeuticals puts the health of our skin above all else, creating unique and research-led formulations that help to fight those exact external and environmental aggressors. Working with skin scientists and doctors, each product helps to create a barrier of protection against all those types of pollution that threaten the integrity of our skin.

What is pollution?

Anti-pollution is a bit of a buzzword in the beauty industry, but why has it become so popular? One of the main causes of ill-health in the UK, pollution is all around us, and it's not just from smog and cigarette smoke.

Pollution refers to all types of environmental aggressors that can damage our health and skin. UV rays, car fumes, light pollution from phones and computer screens, allergens and chlorine etc all make up pollution that's around us every single day.

The 3 types of pollution that can damage the skin

While all types of pollution can radically affect our skin, air, light and UV damage are the main culprits that cause long-term damage such as accelerated ageing.

Air pollution

Cigarette smoke, particulate matter and oxides in the air all contribute to skin issues such as breakouts, dehydration and premature ageing.

Protecting your skin against these environmental aggressors is essential to them not entering your skin cells and causing damage to collagen levels. An antioxidant like Vitamin C helps to shield your skin against air pollution and repel particulate matter, iron particles and ozone. We love the SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF, which contains a powerhouse of Vitamin C, Phloretin and Ferulic Acid to neutralise free radicals.

Blue light pollution

The light that emits from your computer screens and phone shouldn't be underestimated in its abilities to damage the skin. Blue light from electronic devices is not only linked to headaches and sleep problems, but various skin issues. Known as HEV light, it needs protecting against just as much as sunlight and UV rays.

Using a double defense system like a SkinCeuticals Antioxidant and Sun Screen will help to keep the skin protected against damage. We love a strong dose of Vitamin C from the C E Ferulic, followed by the Ultra Facial Defense in SPF 50 which is a double whammy of protection against environmental aggressors.

UV damage

We should be using sunscreen every single day in our skincare routines, as whether it's sunny or not, the UV rays from sunlight can cause damage even on a cloudy day.

SkinCeuticals advocate a double defense approach, which consists of an antioxidant and sun screen to help fight against pollution and protect against both UVA and UVB rays. We love the Serum 10 and Mineral Matte UV Defense SPF 30 for a winning beauty combination. Plus, the mattifying effects of the sun screen help to keep makeup in place throughout the day.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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