EVENT: Redken Tribe 2011

Redken Tribe is to hairdressers what the Oscars are to actors. Being one of the most important events of the year when it comes to the who’s-who’s of hair, LF was proud to attend and soak up the energy and creativity in the air at the grand final of the Redken Hair Awards (and of course take the opportunity to dress up – we are female after all!).

Upon arrival we were awestruck by the obvious effort and attention to detail Redken had paid to decking out Brixton Academy with extreme sophistication intertwined with a touch of futurism. From the Redken walk of fame area (you could have your picture taken like a true celeb!) to the impressive stage and huge screens, the atmosphere felt incredible – even before the show began.

The runway was by every admission the highlight of the night. From aerobatic break dancers through to beautifully choreographed runway walks, each model that appeared on the catwalk captivated the room while the accompanying live drum and bass amplified the anticipation to fever-pitch. Next each finalist had the opportunity to showcase the style that had landed them a place in the final, and the judges really had a tough decision to make! From angelic white afros to razor-sharp fringes, the winners were picked and announced while the entire room erupted in cheers and screams for those who were bestowed the prestigious honour of a Redken Award! Here are our highlights of the night:

What LFSara thought –

Amongst sparkling diamond scalps and backcombs that reached the heavens, the futuristic opening of the show transported the audience to another dimension. Melodramatic music opened the stage showcasing wowing hairstyles and outfits; but the matrix feel wouldn’t be complete without Inception style fight moves- throwing in some head spins and back flips to keep the crowd transfixed!

What LFSarah thought –

As a child, I could be found cooing over Oliver Twists ‘Nancy’, longing for deep Auburn hair, a crimson pout and the chance to someday have a ‘reason’ to wear a Mary Antoinette basque dress. There is something breathtakingly attractive and undeniably feminine about the Victoria/Edwardian/Wuthering Heights style. Thanks to Redken and this year’s plethora of creative artists and enviably elegant models, the term ‘Victoriana’ has been coined as a major style aspiration for the season. Gliding down the runway with jet black lace parasols, teamed with waist cinching corsets positioned to tame flowing sheer blouses and maxi pleated skirts, the Victoriana ladies stole my fashion-beauty heart. Continuing with the ‘big is best’ theme of the night, hair was styled to offset the smooth satin sensuousness of the garments and back combed, crimped and teased away from the face into 90 degree angles. Sold? I was. I love Victoriana, I love Redken and I will LOVE devising ways to recreate the look down the runway of the LF office (there’s no runway in our office…but that shouldn’t stop a girl from walking the runway in her head!) Watch out Autumn, there’s a new Nancy in town.

What LFNatalie thought –

I feel incredibly lucky to have been invited to Redken Tribe. From the moment I arrived I was enamoured with the atmosphere and thought the catwalk show rivalled some of the fashion events I’d attended in the past. I loved the futuristic theme and was spellbound by the first model who took to the catwalk in head to toe silver and a long, flowing ponytail. It was great to see such dedication within the industry and I left desperately wanting an afro. Come morning, I still think it would be a good idea. Will I ever take the plunge? Watch this space… (probably not…).




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