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Which Redken range is best for damaged hair?

Which Redken range is best for damaged hair?
Holly James
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From repairing broken bonds to caring for heat damaged hair, Redken offer a collection of reparative treatments for every strand SOS. Discover the right range to treat your distressed locks in our edit of the best Redken products for every hair damage concern.

How can you tell if your hair is damaged?

To test if your hair is weak, dry or damaged, when hair is wet, hold one strand between each thumb and stretch the hair. If the hair retracts, this is a sign that the hair is likely strong and healthy. If the hair does not stretch and retract and in some cases breaks, this could be a sign that the hair is damaged, and you need to strengthen it with the correct products.

The best Redken ranges for damaged hair

Redken Extreme

The bestselling, iconic range for weak, broken and lacklustre locks, the Redken Extreme range is formulated with powerful proteins to restore severely damaged hair affected by mechanical, chemical or environmental damage, covering everything from split ends to breakage. Essential proteins used across the full range help to fortify strands from root to tip, adding flexibility, manageability and shine.

The Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment provides 5-in-1 protection for sensitised hair and is formulated with Redken's Strength Complex. Acting as a deep conditioner, it reduces friction from brushing and prevents further damage, leaving hair looking healthy, shiny and extremely resilient.

Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate

The award-winning Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate offers multiple benefits in one powerful range. With continuous use, not only does this transforming haircare range help to rebuild broken bonds, but it also smooths the cuticle, softens and adds glossy shine for hair that looks and feels incredibly healthy from one wash to the next.  Its concentrated formulas, infused with critic acid and a Bonding Care Complex, helps to reinforce hydrogen and salt bonds, to strengthen the hair internally and reduce breakage, as well as protecting against colour fade.

Containing the highest concentration of citric acid, an impressive 14%, the Intensive Pre-Shampoo Treatment is a powerhouse product that contains particles small enough to enter the hair cortex and future proof the internal structure of strands against irreversible damage.

Redken All Soft

If your suffering from dull, dry and brittle hair, discover the Redken All Soft range. Enriched with intensely hydrating argan oil and a strengthening keratin complex, the collection of nourishing formulas helps to moisturise and repair follicles, adding shine and smoothing for a more glossy and healthy finish. Designed to deliver results fast, the Redken All Soft Moisture Restore Leave-In contains a rich blend of argan oil, proteins and amino acids that infuse hydration into the hair from the inside-out.

Holly James
Beauty Writer
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