Guest Blog: Review of bareMinerals by Le Salon de Beaute

Um, wow, amazing, brilliant, awesome and where has this product been all my life??? None of these things are what I was expecting to say when I tried the bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation!"I'm pretty excited about wearing it tomorrow!!!"

“If I had a bride with sensitive skin, I’d use this on her in a heartbeat!”

I put it on just after 6 this morning. It’s now nearly 9 and it’s still looking perfect! I’m still in disbelief myself! The coverage is really lovely as well. If you’re after a barely there, sheer cover it’s not for you. It’s more medium to full coverage but it’s a really lovely finish. It’s that perfect place between matte and glowing that gives you a flawless finish.

I’ve had a few brides ask me what I think of mineral foundation as a base for their wedding day and I’ve never really been a fan. I’ve always thought mineral foundations (well, the ones I’ve tried) are too sheer and chalky. This has totally changed my mind! If I had a bride with sensitive skin, I’d use this on her in a heartbeat!

bareMinerals make a bit of a big deal about their Swirl Tap Buff technique. I have to admit, it didn’t really change my life. It kind of just seemed like common sense to me. Of course you’re going to tap the excess off the brush and work it in before you put it on your face! Or is it just me and have I forgotten what it was like to be figuring out how to put makeup on? Sorry!!!

I do love the tub it comes in. The powder domes through the sifter without too much effort but it’s got one of those fab inserts that you twirl and click into place so it doesn’t keep coming through the sifter while it rattles around in your handbag. Brilliant! I hate opening my mineral makeup tubs only to be covered in product half way through opening it!

I also tried out the Full Coverage Kabuki Brush. It’s one of those ones with the stubby handle and is a medium sized kabuki rather than the giant fluffy one. It makes it much easier for getting under the eyes and nooks and crannies around the nose, etc. The brush was also a LOT softer than I thought it would be. The other mineral foundations I’ve tried that come with a brush have been really scratchy and hurt when I’ve used them! Makeup isn’t supposed to HURT!!! But the bareMinerals one is really nice. I’m not going to say it’s the BEST brush I’ve ever tried in my life, but it’s definitely nice.

I’m pretty excited about wearing it again tomorrow!!!


Rebecca xxx



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