Lookfantastic’s Pick Of The Month | Paul Mitchell

It’s that time of the month again on Lookfantastic, and our go-to product this month really is a no brainer for August. With schools officially breaking up for the summer holidays, and the last of the remaining festivals about to kick off, the Paul Mitchell Dry Wash Dry Shampoo is definitely the one to pack.

We all know what the bathroom situation (or lack of) is at festivals, so washing your hair really is a no go. And then you have your scorching summer holiday, the best bit about your summer. That is, until it comes to drying your hair in the humid weather. Are you starting to see why we’ve chosen this hair washing fix already? The lightweight formula absorbs excess oil whilst adding body, eliminating the greasy ‘slapped down’ roots that no-one needs. Refreshingly scented, hair smells as clean as it looks for a just-washed feeling you can see and feel. And Paul Mitchell has done it again with this haircare staple, winning two beauty awards this time. We’re almost tempted to stop washing our hair altogether this summer…

Paul Mitchell Dry Shampoo (2)The colourless formula makes it suitable for all hair colours, whether it’s sun-kissed and lightened or you’ve opted for a bold statement at a festival, the Dry Wash leaves all hair types looking clean and fresh. And not only have we saved you time by not having to wash your hair, but without the shampoo, conditioner and hairdryer there’s plenty more room in your case for those extras! What other beauty products are you taking to your festival or holiday?

Take a look at the full Paul Mitchell range over on Lookfantastic, and see what you can pick up to prep and beautify your hair before your trip.




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