O’right’s Hair Care Heroes

The launch of O’right in general has had all of our tongues wagging here at Lookfantastic for weeks. The products, the packaging, the darn clever Steven Ko who designed the brand and even his admirable background story. But there are two ranges in particular from O’right that have had us bursting with excitement and looking for a place to plant our tree. No you haven’t just blinked and ended up on a gardening website. You do genuinely get a tree with one of these. Well, all of the components to grow one if you wanted to.

For those who aren’t familiar with O’right’s packaging just yet, all of the bottles are 100% biodegradable. Made from starch extracted from fruits and vegetables, the bottles decompose over the course of a year once planted and turn into nutrients for the soil. The O’right Green Tea Tree in the Bottle Shampoo differs from all the other bottles, in that it also comes with seeds in a sealed compartment concealed in the bottom of it. Once the bottle has broken down over the year, the seeds are then released and voila! Your very own native Taiwanese Acacia Tree can begin to grow before your eyes.

How it works - O'right

You may notice that the type of seeds are an obscure choice too. This type of tree is one of the most popular and common to be planted in Taiwan, due to their great carbon absorbing ways, and so Green Tea Tree in a Bottle goes even further than the ingredients and bottle to help the environment. Thank you Steve Ko – have another green point from us!

orightseedsO’right’s shampoos are more than just an environmentally friendly gimmick though, and they are really making their mark in the hair care industry. Completely free from eight main harsh chemicals often found in shampoos, they are just what our hair has been waiting for. They all smell absolutely fabulous, and are incredibly kind to your hair – bonus! As well as the the Green Tea Tree in the Bottle Shampoo, we absolutely love the Goji Berry Volumising Shampoo – it really stands out from the rest and we’ll tell you why.

We’ve all tried the volumising shampoos that have promised us a body-boosting Cheryl Cole-esque barnet, but that have instead left us feeling kind of let down or, perhaps more flattened down. However, O’right’s Goji Berry Shampoo may have just hit the nail on the head with its formula.

Goji  Berry Volumising ShampooCertified organic goji berry extract is the main ingredient, which stimulates the production of collagen essential for hair growth with its high vitamin C properties. The nutrients within the fruit also improve the strength of hair follicles and prevent hair loss and even greying. O’right have also added their ‘extreme elastic complex’ that creates bounce and volume. A few of us here have given this shampoo a whirl and we have to admit, it may be time to throw out the backcombing brush and invest in a big bottle of this.

The best thing about it, just like the other shampoos, is it is almost all made up of natural, organic ingredients; 96% of it to be precise. Big beautiful hair without the chemical damage, styling or masses of hairspray – O’right may have just saved us some time and effort on the hair front. If volume isn’t what you’re looking for and you don’t really have the space for a Taiwanese tree in your back garden, check out all the other products O’right have to offer over on Lookfantastic.

So what do you rate O’right’s products? Which ones are your favourites?




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