RANGE REVIEW: Electric Haircare

Electric Haircare is a unique luxurious professional British hair care range created by award winning hairdresser Mark Woolley and the Electric Art Team. Combining over 20 years of industry experience the Electric range is expertly formulated and packed full of ultra nourishing ingredients to care for your hair leaving it feeling unique with every use.

I have been lucky enough to road test some of Electric’s signature products and as my hair is fine, flyway and slightly dry, I was really excited to try the range that promises to deeply moisturise hair and calm frizz, leaving hair feeling unique, revived and radiant.

As soon as the products arrived I knew I was in for a treat. The stylish, sleek packaging shouts luxury professional hair care, the type of packaging you would be proud to display on your bathroom shelves. When I opened the bottles I was immediately hit by the exquisite fragrance, delicate with subtle tropical notes, completely delicious!

Electric Haircare Products















Electric Hydrate Shampoo
Starting with the Electric Hydrate Shampoo, which promises to breathe life into dry and stressed hair, I massaged in the recommended almond sized amount. Focusing on the scalp and roots the silky smooth formula, enriched with jojoba and meadowfoam seed oil, foamed into a light lather cleansing the full length of my hair. After rinsing my hair was already feeling silky smooth.

Electric Hydrate Conditioner
After thoroughly cleansing I followed with the Electric Hydrate Conditioner. Once again a almond size amount was all that was required to gently work through my hair from the roots, through mid lengths and down to the tips. After leaving for 5 minutes, to deeply condition, I thoroughly rinsed and combed through.

Electric Smoothing Cream
The final step for full on unique hair pampering was to test out the Electric Smoothing Cream. A small amount of the lightweight fragrant formula, used before blow drying, was all that was needed to tame my flyaway rebellious locks and offer protection against heat styling tools.

After a quick blast of the hair dryer, followed by a swipe of my straightening irons, I was really impressed with the results. My hair was left feeling uniquely nourished, revitalized and beautifully smooth without a flyaway strand in sight. The light creamy texture of all three products deeply conditioned without leaving my hair feeling heavy or weighed down. I was also impressed that the gorgeous fragrance stayed with me until the following wash.

Electric certainly didn’t disappoint and this is one hair care range that will continue to be one of my bathroom staples.

The Electric Range is available from with prices starting at just £10.00. Click here to shop now.



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