Softest. Hair. Ever.

I’ve always been incredibly self-aware when it comes to my big, frizzy hair. It’s always been that way; when I was a kid, I had to wake up about 40 minutes earlier than most of my friends so my Mom could detangle my hair, which was the absolute WORST start to a day. I cried and cried because I had so much hair, but at the same time was too scared to have it cut.

Fast forward sixteen years and I’m pretty much the same: the hair isn’t as mega voluminous because I try and thin it out as often as I can, but I still get the dryness, the knots and the stubborn frizz.

One of the main things that has helped me retain my hair sanity throughout the years were the very many hair oils my Mom, Grandma and Aunties used to share. From baby oil (seriously!) to coconut oil, you name it: I tried them! Some didn’t make much difference, others did it for a short amount of time and there were even those that I still go back to nowadays. My current favourite? Definitely the wonderful Mizani Supreme Oil.

Yay for my really defined curls! :)

Yay for my really defined curls! 🙂

Not only does it have an amazing tropical coconutty fragrance that transports you to a Caribbean island, this great oil is also really good for your skin. I personally have to use quite a lot because of my HUGE hair, but even so a bottle has lasted absolute ages. Use it along your Moisturfusion Conditioner and Shampoo, and the result will be beautiful, soft hair that will really get you noticed.

Trust me, you’ll love it!



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