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The 2023 Beauty Trend Report | LOOKFANTASTIC

The 2023 Beauty Trend Report | LOOKFANTASTIC
Sheeva Fallahi
Beauty Editor3 months ago
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LOOKFANTASTIC reveals the most in-demand beauty products and trends of 2023, with an exclusive insight into the biggest brands.

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s been another big year of beauty trends and products going viral across TikTok and social media. From the cold girl and latte makeup trends to skin cycling hacks, most of the trends we’ve loved this year were born on social media and thanks to this, our FYP’s have been flooded with the hottest products and must-try trends that we just can’t avoid. 

To create the 2023 Beauty Trend report, we’ve analysed internal product data, as well as the most searched-for products on TikTok and Google to take a deep dive into the industry and reveal the brands we’ve loved this year. We have also spoken to our LOOKFANTASTIC beauty experts and buyers to reveal the biggest predicted trends to keep an eye out for in 2024.

Biggest beauty brands of 2023

M.A.C Cosmetics is the biggest beauty brand of 2023

M.A.C Cosmetics has been revealed as the biggest beauty brand of 2023, and we completely understand why following the iconic release of their dewy skin tint earlier this year. This product broke the internet with the item selling out repeatedly, and the product launch couldn’t have arrived at a better time as 2023 has been the year of ‘no-makeup makeup’ and a focus on more natural looks. 

214,477 shoppers searched for M.A.C Cosmetics products on LOOKFANTASTIC this year, with a further 4 million searches on TikTok, M.A.C Cosmetics always gets it right when it comes to makeup products!

CeraVe and La Roche-Posay are the most popular skincare brands

CeraVe and La Roche-Posay are the second and third most popular beauty brands of 2023 when we analysed on-site, Google and social media searches. Both of these brands have proven extremely popular amongst beauty fans thanks to their stellar reputation in the dermatological space whilst still sitting at a very accessible price point. The popularity of skincare brands compared to makeup or haircare brands highlights the massive shift the beauty industry has seen towards skincare in the past year, with more consumers prioritising their skin. 

Exploding Brands in 2023

The Alix Earle effect 

We’ve all seen Alix Earle on our FYP this year, and it all started with her dorm room GRMW including the Drunk Elephant Bronzing Drops. Of course, the Alix Earle effect meant that everyone rushed to buy Drunk Elephant to recreate her look, with a 480% increase in site searches since 2022 Drunk Elephant is the biggest exploding brand of 2023.

2023 is the year for hair health 

We’ve all heard of Color Wow hair products this year, haven’t we? From celebrity hairstylists, like Chris Appleton sharing their obsession with the latest product launch that practically makes your hair waterproof, Color Wow is now up there with some of the most in-demand haircare products globally. With a 128% increase in searches since 2022, we can’t get enough of their products.

The obsession with Sol-de Janerio

If there’s one brand that rose to fame this year, it has to be Sol De Janeiro. The attention all started after their Brazilian bum bum cream went viral online. Sol De Janeiro is famous for the scents of its products, especially its pistachio and salted caramel fragrances that smell so good, that TikTok hailed it as the way to drive every man crazy. The brand has 130,792 searches on-site and 664,000 searches on TikTok. The recent launch of their Sol de Janeiro GlowMotions Glow Body Oil Rio Sunset Bronze body glow drops also had everyone obsessed with recreating the perfect summer glow.

Most popular beauty products of 2023

This year, we’ve seen hundreds of products sell out due to going viral on social media, but what were the most popular beauty products of 2023?

The most popular product of the year

With Sol de Janeiro taking over everyone’s social media feeds (and shopping baskets) in the past 12 months, it's no surprise that the Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Jet Set is the number one most popular product of 2023. The set includes a travel-friendly collection of the brand's most iconic products including the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, the Brazilian 4 Play Shower Cream-Gel and the Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist

The most popular hair product 

Of course, the most popular hair care product of 2023 had to be the Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray which went viral across every social media platform earlier this year. The product is said to make your hair waterproof, heatproof and shiny as glass and the thousands of tried and tested videos online showcase that this product is worth purchasing.

2023 was the year of the beauty microtrend

2023 has officially been the year of microtrends. With celeb looks and aesthetics trending on social media, you truly can’t go on TikTok without coming across a new emerging trend that you have to jump on. But in between the thousands of beauty trends this year, hair trends have been dominating the scene with over 4.4 billion views on TikTok, and more people than ever taking inspiration from TikTok for their next salon appointment.

The Scandi hairline 

Scandinavian trends influence everything from fashion choices to make-up, but the Scandi hairline is the one that got our attention. The trend involves lightening the baby hair around the perimeter of your hair, bringing brightness and radiance that beautifully complements your complexion and creates a sunkissed look. Of course, once our favourite, Sofia Richie-Grainge showcased the trend, thousands of people have been adopting the Scandi hairline.

Cowgirl copper 

If there’s one trend that everyone has heard about this year it’s the Cowgirl copper hair trend, with a blend of brown and copper colourings this trend has been dominating our feeds, with #cowgirlcopper hitting 140.5 million views on TikTok, we’re predicting this trend is predicted to stay. 


Beauty experts predict the biggest trends of 2024

We know that 2023 was a big year for the beauty industry, but 2024 promised to be even bigger and better for beauty fans. We spoke to our internal experts, including Keely Gough, Managing Director at LOOKFANTASTIC, to reveal the biggest beauty predictions for 2024.

  • Glass haircare 

We all know about glass skin, but glass hair is going to be the latest iteration of the trend we see in 2024. 

Keely explains ”Following the rise in micro-trends over the last 12 months, largely influenced by consumer lifestyles and pop culture, we're expecting to see a cross-category transition in 2024. The popular ‘glass skin’ cosmetics trend, for example, will likely make its way into haircare, as more consumers seek the desired result of glossy or glass-effect locks achieved from oil and serum haircare formulations.” 

  • Overnight miracles 

People want to streamline their skincare routines with products that work twice as hard. 

Keely says, “As efficiency becomes more prevalent across consumer lifestyles, we predict a greater emphasis on beauty that caters to time-poor, fast-paced routines. Ultimately, consumers are looking to gain more by effectively having to do less, so overnight formulas and treatments that reap long-term rewards by working through the night will be key.“

  • Expert-approved products

Skin will continue to be a huge focus in 2024, as Brits look to achieve a ‘perfect base’ as part of  their makeup routines. According to Global Cosmetic Industry, 51% of people plan to spend more on their daily skincare in 2024

According to Keely, “Dermatological skincare is our fastest-growing category in the UK, as consumers continue to seek recommendations from experts in the medical field. We anticipate this to reign supreme through 2024, with ingredient-led routines, microbiome and skin barrier support at the forefront. With a continued emphasis on sustainability and eco-conscious beauty routines, we can expect to see a surge in brands committing to long-term initiatives through both product packaging and formulas.”

  • Increased focus on sustainability

With climate consciousness being an important factor for both brands and consumers, Keely explains “With a continued emphasis on sustainability and eco-conscious beauty routines, we can expect to see a surge in brands committing to long-term initiatives through both product packaging and formulas.”

  • Brands will tap into exploding microtrends

From latte makeup to strawberry makeup looks, micro-trends have been taking over the beauty space in 2023 and they certainly aren't going anywhere. Our internal site-search data shows that there has been a huge increase in people searching for makeup trends over specific products. For example, there was a 240% increase in internal site searches this year for 'Barbiecore' products. Beauty fans are now not only looking for specific products, but  also for suggested products to create and channel trending makeup looks. Trend-led purchases will continue to boom in 2024 as well as brands releasing new products to tap into them.

  • Red is making a comeback

If 2023 was the year of Barbie pink, 2024 is going to be the year of red. We have seen red take over the fashion world on the runways and it’s definitely not stopping there, as we predict red is going to take over the beauty world next year. Red is set to be the go-to colour, symbolising empowerment and self-expression. Whether you're adding a dash of red to your daily routine or going all-in with a striking look, 2024 is the year to embrace the allure of this timeless and daring shade.

  • Customised Haircuts

All across the beauty industry we are focusing more and more on the personalisation of our routines and products. This trend is due to continue into our hair game as we start in the New Year. Personalised and customised hairstyles and cuts are going to take centre stage and we welcome bespoke looks that speak to our individuality. Factors such as your personality, face shape, and lifestyle preferences will start to play a larger role in how your hair is cut and styled to represent your uniqueness instead of following specific trends. 

  • Starting skincare young

We are going to see the skincare revolution grow even more in 2024 than we did over the last year. Gone are the days of overly stripping products as generation alpha are breaking the mould by prioritising their beauty routines from a younger age. With an abundance of information accessible at their fingertips, more consumers are aware of the benefits of starting young, and how to find the right products for their skin type. This trend is not just about treating specific issues but instilling a culture of prevention and self-care. As we start 2024, we will see a surge in skincare-savvy teens taking charge of their confidence and spending more time nurturing their skin. 

  • The elevated every day

Get ready to embrace a fresh wave of beauty in 2024 as we elevate our everyday natural makeup looks from the popular no-makeup makeup looks. The emphasis is on enhancing your inherent radiance, effortlessly embracing your natural look whilst accentuating your features. Palettes will include earthy tones and subtle hues reminiscent of the ‘latte makeup’ trend, that will add a pop of glam whilst maintaining a light and breathable feel. We are looking to celebrate our individuality, emphasising your natural beauty as the canvas. The nod to high quality and simplicity will carry through from head to toe, namely with the growing ‘naked nail’ trend, as celebrities are leading the pack in ditching bright colours and opting for manicured but bare nails for a simple yet classy look. 

  •  Closing the gap between skincare and makeup

In 2023 we have seen the line between skincare and makeup get smaller and smaller and in 2024 we will see this line blur even more. This year we have seen it with the rise of tinted serums, but even more innovative products are emerging combining the best of both worlds. Foundations and concealers are infused with skincare benefits and lip products have an added level of hydration, creating a harmonious fusion that prioritises wellness and beauty in equal measure. This is testament to the evolving definition of beauty as we focus on a holistic approach to our routines, where it becomes a ritual of self-care and a celebration of self-expression.

Stay ahead of trends and discover new products before they go viral and shop our new in beauty and trending products today.


LOOKFANTASTIC analysed internal sales data to reveal the most popular brands and products and compared these to 2022 figures. This was then supplemented using TikTok and Keywordtool to view search volume for these brand and trend keyterms across Google, TikTok and Pinterest. TikTok views and Keyword search volume is correct as of 20th October 2023. GCI spending forecast statistic on skincare spending.

Sheeva Fallahi
Beauty Editor
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