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Cruelty-Free Sunscreen Products and SPFs

Cruelty-Free Sunscreen Products and SPFs

As we are in the midst of a Great British Summer I thought it would be a good idea to round up my favourite cruelty-free sunscreen products. I’ve divided this blog post into different categories of skincare and cosmetics as we all know that sun care has now moved beyond the standard SPF and into new and exciting avenues! Who knew, for example, that you can get SPF lip gloss now?

You can also check out our blog post about the best suncare products from the perspective of our resident pharmacist Hira, or if makeup is your thing then why not view our blog post all about SPF makeup?

Sunscreens and SPF fluids

The original sun care category and still by far the most popular;  a sun cream is an essential for anyone wanting to protect their skin whilst exploring the great outdoors this summer. You can use these cruelty-free creams all over the body to avoid questionable tan lines – just don’t forget to top up throughout the day, especially after you encounter any water!

SPF for different skin types

Facial specific SPF’s are also rising in popularity in an era where people want to use products tailored to or to compliment their specific skin type or concern. So whether you have sensitive, dry or oily skin (or a combination of anything in between) there’ll be a cruelty-free sun care option for you.

SPF Primers and Bases

Arguably the easiest way to incorporate SPF products into your skincare regime without having to buy a dedicated SPF is to use a primer which includes it. These multi-tasking products not only protect your skin from harmful sun rays but they also provide an ideal base for makeup, and some even have added skincare benefits too.

Tinted Moisturisers:

If, like me, you’re still a little lazy on the SPF front and need a way to ensure your skin is protected without having to add any extra layers to your makeup routine, then way not try a tinted moisturiser? They are the perfect summer make up staple as they are lighter than a foundation so your skin won’t feel cakey, but they do provide a light coverage to conceal any redness or imperfections.

SPF Lip Products

I don’t know about you, but I’m rather guilty of neglecting my lips when it comes to sun protection. This is shocking really as they are so prone to damage in the hotter months; not only from sunburn and the consequent swelling, but also to chapping and cracking from dehydration in the heat. But don’t worry, these lip products will have your lips protected and looking perfect in no time!

Interesting Extras

Finally I’ve rounded up some other interesting cruelty-free beauty products which also include an SPF or sun protection. I think that incorporating SPF into different types of products is going to be a huge trend in the coming years and it’s very exciting to see that companies are thinking outside the box in this area.

Who knew that protecting yourself in the sun whilst using cruelty free products was so easy? If you’re interested in the cruelty-free community then why not check out our ‘Introduction to Ethical Beauty’ post, and don’t forget to share your cruelty-free finds with us on Twitter!

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