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Why farm to face beauty is set to be the next biggest natural beauty trend…

Why farm to face beauty is set to be the next biggest natural beauty trend…
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You may have heard a thing or two about farm to face beauty, but we're predicting that it's set to become one of the biggest trends in skincare this year.

Clean, vegan, organic and cruelty-free beauty are all on the rise, so it's only natural that this pure way of harnessing skincare ingredients is expected to grow too.

One of our newest launches onsite is the the cult farm to face beauty brand Farmacy, but what exactly is the trend, and why is it receiving so much hype?

What is farm to face beauty?

Farmacy describe farm to face beauty as "one-of-a-kind ingredients straight from the source", and in a nutshell, that perfectly describes the trend.

Farm to face beauty literally means, products harvested and delivered to your skin without the use of harmful chemicals or long-journeys in between.

Boasting home-grown ingredients on a brand's local farm, each ingredient is painstakingly nourished, picked and cold-pressed to ensure it has all the same amazing nutrients as when it was first picked.

In addition, these ingredients are usually grown and picked in smaller batches than regular skincare ingredients from larger brands, which not only ensures better and cleaner extraction processes, but also ensures they remain rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Best farm to face beauty brands


Farmacy farm to face beauty brand

Newly launced at lookfantastic, Farmacy is a farm to face beauty brand we're really excited about.

Founded by a man named Veeder, Farmacy became the beauty brand it is today when he discovered a rare and green-flowered plant in his garden in upstate New York. For those that are not green-fingered among us, green flowers are extremely uncommon in the gardening world, which is why Veeder knew it had to be special.

After having it tested, Veeder discovered that the green flower in question was actually a rare and new variety of echinacea purpurea. Echniacea itself boasts incredible immunity-boosting properties, and this new and supercharged variety had even more incredible abilities (300% more natural antioxidants than regular echinacea.

The plant is now patented and exclusive to Farmacy, and it's what is at the heart of all the brand's products. Each of the other ingredients in the products are locally grown and locally produced, and the brand even partner with organic farms to improve their environmental sustainability.

One of our favourite Farmacy products is the Honey Potion, which has become quite a cult beauty product since its launch. It's made with locally sourced honey, rich in natural antioxidants, alongside the famous and exclusive Echinacea GreenEnvy™ flowers brimming with vitamins and minerals. It's brilliant for renewing dulling and dehydrated complexions, and leaving the skin glowing and healthy.

Another key product to keep on your "to try" radar is the Farmacy Green Clean. A luxrious cleanser with a balm-like texture, it helps to melt away all manner of makeup and impurities without a nasty chemical in sight. It's not only one of the brands best-selling items, it's also an Allure Best of Beauty award winner.


Jurlique farm to face beauty

Another great farm to face beauty brand is Jurlique, an Australian natural skincare company who have their own farmland in the hills of Adelaide.

Founded by biochemist Dr Jurgen Klein and Ulrike, his wife (hence the name, which is a combination of both of their first names), Jurlique has grown from strength to strength since its conception.

Surrounded by nothing but lush, green fields and clean air, the Jurlique bio-organic farm is unpolluted, unspoilt and perfect for a farm to face beauty brand to take shape.

The brand grow many of their famous botanicals on their farm, and go to great lengths to ensure they stay in perfect condition through growth and careful picking. Relying on organic farming methods free from pesticides, chemicals and herbicides, the soil is unpolluted and rich in natural ingredients that keep the plant-life healthy and packed full of nutrients.

One of our favourite products is the cult and now iconic Rosewater Balancing Mist, which is made with natural rose petals and marshmallow to soothe dehydrated skin and keep it glowing. It can either be used as a toner, or for spritzing over your makeup throughout the day to keep your complexion refreshed and revitalised. It also comes in a beautiful limited edition bottle as a celebration of its iconic status.

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