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Biolage R.A.W: Your Healthy Haircare

Biolage R.A.W: Your Healthy Haircare
Team LF
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The new Biolage R.A.W is a haircare collection designed to radically change the way you think about hair products.

Delightfully packaged in smoothie-like bottles, the hair products are more reminiscent of a healthy juice than a shampoo or conditioner. But, this is what makes them so very special. Formulated with a blend of at least 70% natural ingredients, the products really are as good for your hair as a smoothie is for your skin and body.

What is Biolage R.A.W?

The Biolage R.A.W collection is a range of natural hair products to gently cleanse, condition and treat, depending on your individual haircare needs.

The R.A.W stands for Real, Authentic, Wholesome, and that's just what the range encompasses. Made with ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Honey and Kaolin Clay, each shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and treatment works in synergy with your natural hair fibres to deliver real results.

Made without chemical nasties such as parabens, silicones and colourants, the range is ideal for those who have sensitised hair and sensitive scalps, as well as all those wishing to transition to a more natural haircare regime.

Volumising Hair Products

If you have hair lacking in volume, the Biolage R.A.W Uplift range has been designed especially for you.

Formulated with a selection of purifying ingredients, which help to gently cleanse the hair and scalp, each product helps to remove the impurities that weigh the hair down.

  • Black Sesame - Sesame Oil helps to promote healthy circulation in the scalp, which in turn induces hair growth. By keeping your scalp healthy, you will notice a huge difference in the volume of your hair.
  • Grapefruit - A natural cleanser, Grapefruit helps to remove all dirt and impurity build-up from the hair to leave it feeling weightless and clean. Sometimes, a lack of volume can be caused by product build-up, so using astringent ingredients will help to tackle this.
  • Kiwi - Naturally rich in Iron, and Vitamin C, Kiwi helps to promote healthy blood flow and strengthen your hair from its roots to the tips. This ensures your hair remains pliable and strong, and able to hold its own weight. The result is a beautiful volume.
  • Kaolin Clay - This helps to remove excess dirt and oil in the hair, and is an extremely purifying ingredient. Coupled with the grapefruit, the duo are every volume chaser's dream.

Treatment for Dry Hair

If you suffer from dehydrated or dry hair, it can be difficult to find natural hair products that don't weigh the hair down.

The Nourish range from R.A.W has been formulated with conditioning ingredients to soothe irritated scalps and calm down stressed out locks.

  • Coconut Oil - This super nourishing ingredient is loved by every beauty enthusiast all over the world. It's perhaps one of the most natural moisturisers you can find, and contains a host of vitamins and Omega Fatty Acids to replenish lost moisture and hydration. Don't worry about it weighing the hair down though. It's balanced out with the other ingredients, so it softens without causing excess weight.
  • Honey - A natural emollient, honey helps to seal hydration into the hair cuticle and fibres. This prevents moisture loss, so your hair stays softer for longer.
  • Quinoa Husk - Rich in Proteins, and Amino Acids, Quinoa Husk helps to repair damaged fibres and restore them to their healthy state.
  • Kaolin Clay - You might think it's odd to have an astringent ingredient in nourishing haircare products, but you couldn't be more wrong. By removing product build-up and impurities from the hair (which may be causing the dehydration), you will notice it become softer and healthier.

Shiny Hair Products

Sometimes, hair can become stressed out and lose a little of its gloss and shine. When that happens, you need to adapt your haircare routine to suit its needs.

The R.A.W Recover collection has been designed especially to combat a loss of hair shine and leave you with glossy and revitalised locks.

  • Yucca - A natural power to aid in hair growth, Yucca encourages strong and long hair. When you get new hair coming through, you will find it naturally looks healthier, shinier and glossier, which will help boost your overall hair's appearance.
  • Goji Berry - Naturally rich in Vitamin C (and a host of other beautifying vitamins, minerals and antioxidants), Goji Berries help to promote a healthy scalp and strong hair growth. By keeping your scalp healthy, you will notice a huge increase in the overall shine and gloss of your locks.
  • Corriander Oil - Corriander is a natural source of Copper, which aids the hair in the pigmentation process. This ensures your natural colour stays looking vibrant, shiny and healthy, so your hair remains super glossy.
  • Kaolin Clay - One of the biggest causes of hair dullness is actually product and impurity build-up. Heavy shampoo, dirt and oil start to sit on top of each other, and dull out your natural colour, so once you remove them, you are left with super shiny locks. One of the best ways to purify the hair naturally is with Kaolin Clay, which helps to rebalance and decongest.
Team LF
Writer and expert
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