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The MAC Makeup Brush Bible

The MAC Makeup Brush Bible
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Iconic and fundamental tools of the makeup trade; the perfect brush or sponge can transform any look . MAC offer an unparalleled range of products for any need; whether you want to achieve the perfect smoky eye or a flawless foundation base.

Our ultimate guide to the MAC brush portfolio should help you navigate the incredible range of must-have brushes so you can find one that is suited perfectly for your needs.

MAC Foundation Brushes and Tools

  • All Blending Sponge - This latex-free facial sponge offers controlled and even application of creams and liquids. Ultra-soft and coral in shade it is the perfect companion for any liquid or cream foundations.
  • Compact Powder Puff - The luxuriously soft compact pads come in a set of two and are ideal for the blending of pressed or loose powders.  Washable and reusable they can be used again and again, making them a staple of any makeup kit.
  • Duo-Sided Foundation Sponge - This dual-sided facial sponge is versatile and robust making it perfect for the application of a myriad of facial products. Use the coral side for liquids, gels and creams and the white side for powders, and buff and polish the product into the skin for a flawless, even finish.
  • Multi-Formula Sponge - Ideal for the smooth application of foundations, the ultra-soft sponges are made latex-free and are great for blending any formula. The set of two can also be washed and reused as needed.
  • Select Sheer Replacement Puff - These ultra-soft flocked sponges are ideal for the application of sheer and pressed powders. They also feature a black synthetic leather backing and sleek design that is perfect for travel.
  • Studio Tech Sponge - This set of two sponges sit perfectly alongside the Studio Tech range for the even distribution and blending of products. Washable and reusable they will create a flawless base for any makeup look.
  • Wedge Sponge - This classic wedged sponge is formulated with natural latex making it the perfect tool for applying powder, liquid or cream products to the face.
  • 132 Duo Fibre Foundation - The 132 duo-fibre brush takes the classic design of a paddle foundation brush and combines it with the unique duo-fibre texture to create a flawless, even base for makeup. Perfect for use with Mineralize foundations and concealers.
  • 170 Synthetic Rounded Slant - If you’re after a brush that can blend and buff in seconds, then the 170 Synthetic Rounded Slant brush is it. The unique round, slanted and domed shape coupled with the dense soft fibres leaves skin with a smooth and even finish. Perfect for the application of base products.
  • 187 Stipling Face - The 187 Stipling Face Brush is a cult classic amongst MAC fans. Perfect if you want to achieve the ‘no makeup makeup’ look due to its ability to apply products in a lightweight manner to the skin, the duo fibre design is best utilised in large circular motions with powders or pigments. Also available in a smaller size, which features a shortened handle for ease of travel and storage.
  • 190 Foundation - This classic flat and paddle shaped foundation brush can be used to create a smooth and even base to the skin. Works particularly well with the Studio Fix and Studio Tech ranges and renowned for its pro-quality. Also available in a smaller size, which features a shortened handle for ease of travel and storage.
  • 191 Square Foundation - A synthetic fibre brush with a unique squared shape to evenly blend foundation. The ultra-fine yet firm edge makes it the perfect tool for liquid formulas when that extra bit of control is needed. A must-have for theatrical looks.
  • 196 Flat Top Foundation- Round in shape with a uniquely slanted top, this luxuriously smooth foundation brush combines short and densely packed bristles to achieve a naturally flawless finish on the skin.  Designed to fit the contours of the face with ease.

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MAC Concealer Brush

  • 195 Concealer - This flat and slightly pointed MAC concealer brush boasts flexible, synthetic fibres that perfectly blend emollient products. Particularly good on the under eye area to provide flawless coverage, this brush is precise and practical.

MAC Blush, Powder, Contouring Brushes and Tools

  • 109 Small Contour- Domed with densely packed bristles, the 109 small contour brush is perfectly designed to fit into the hollows of your cheeks to aid contouring and blending powder products.
  • 116 Blush - The perfect brush for blush and highlighter, the 116 Blush Brush is dense and tapered to diffuse powder across the skin for a sheer and even finish.
  • 127 Split Fibre Face- The 127 Split Fibre Face Brush has a unique dual texture design that combines natural and synthetic fibres. The ultimate tool for facial multitasking, use this brush for liquid, cream or powder products.
  • 128 Split Fibre Cheek - The 128 split fibre cheek brush is dual sided, combining two sets of fibres which allows you to blend and contour with ease. Simply use in the hallows of your cheeks to blend powder and switch over to apply blush and highlighter.
  • 129 Powder/Blush - This all-purpose facial tool is one of MAC’s most popular brushes. The soft fibres are formed into a tapered dome making it ideal for blush application.  Also available with a convenient shortened handle making it perfect for travel.
  • 130 Short Duo Fibre - The unique duo-fibre design of this flat-topped brush makes it the perfect tool to blend out foundation, creams and powder products. Apply in a swirling motion for a subtle wash of colour to the cheeks. Also available in a smaller size, which features a shortened handle for ease of travel and storage.
  • 135 Large Flat Powder- A classic that never goes out of style, the 135 Large Flat Powder Brush is ultra-soft and subtly tapered. Its dense natural fibres allow for fantastic product pick up and they feel luxurious on the skin.
  • 137 Long Blending - The 137 long blending brush has a unique, ultra-tapered design with luxuriously soft natural bristles. The length of the brush is perfect to lightly dust powder onto the skin when you need a subtle wash of colour.
  • 150 Large Powder - Full, dense and silky soft, the 150 Large Powder brush is perfect for dusting loose or pressed powder formulations across the skin. A must-have for the application of bronzer.
  • 159 Duo Fibre Blush - This specially designed blush brush is rounded and paddled in shape to fit perfectly to the cheeks. Its duo-fibre design with a blend of natural and synthetic fibres allows for the perfect application of all Mineralize products.
  • 164 Duo Fibre Curved Sculpting- The unique design of the 164 duo fibre curved sculpting brush is angled perfectly for highlighting and contouring. Crafted to hug the planes of the face, the duo fibre bristles allow for the subtle application of liquid, cream and powder formulations. Perfect for any contouring fan.
  • 168 Large Angled Contour - The 168 Large Angled Contour Brush is perfectly designed to fit into the hollows of the cheeks. The soft and firmly bundled fibres are made with a buffed edge making the blending of powder products easy and seamless. Also available in a smaller size, which features a shortened handle for ease of travel and storage.
  • 182 Buffer - The 182 Buffer Brush offers ultimate control to flawlessly blend powder formulations into the skin. This full, domed shape brush offers ultra-soft bristles and a short, large handle to create a polished and immaculate finish.
  • 188 Small Duo Fibre Face - The 188 has all of the iconic design of the 187 but in a smaller circumference. This makes it perfect for the precise application of blush, bronzer or highlight. Also available in a smaller size, which features a shortened handle for ease of travel and storage.

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MAC Brow and Lash Brushes

  • 204 Lash - This multi-tasking brush can be used in a myriad of ways to enhance the eye area. Use as a spoolie to apply mascara, utilise the spiralled synthetic bristles to separate lashes or even use it to groom the brows.
  • 208 Angled Brow - The stiff, angled bristles of the 208 brush make it the perfect tool to apply product to the brow area. The precise tip allows for easy definition and the blend of synthetic and natural fibres pick up product with ease.
  • Mascara Wands - This set of 20 disposable high-quality mascara wands is ideal for the hygienic application of products to the eye area. Can be used with any mascara formulation.

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MAC Eyeshadow and Eye Liner Brushes

  • 209 Eye Liner - The 209 brush is finely tipped with synthetic fibres that deliver the precise application of products to the eye line. Perfect with liquid or cream products you’ll be able to master eyeliner flicks with ease.
  • 210 Precise Eye Liner - This ultra-fine eyeliner brush has a tip designed for detail and precision. The fibres are cut at just the right length and density to ensure the smooth application of product to the eye area.
  • 211 Pointed Liner - A thin, precise brush that tapers into a point that is perfect for fine lines and detailing. The flexibility of the bristles also allow for the application of thicker lines making it a great option for any eyeliner fanatics.
  • 212 Flat Definer - The 212 flat definer brush boasts firm bristles with a flattened top which perfectly defuses colour for instant definition. Can be used with all formulas for seamless multi-tasking.
  • 213 Fluff - The rounded fluffy fibres of the 213 brush made it the ideal tool for the start of any smoky eye. Use it to apply powder or cream products to the eyelid and the thick bundled design will pick up colour brilliantly for ultra-pigmentation.
  • 217 Blending - Probably the most coveted and well-known of all the MAC makeup brushes, the 217 is a staple of many makeup kits. The tapered, soft bristles are just the right texture to ensure the seamless blending of powder or cream products. Use in the contour of the eye for a perfect smoky look in seconds. Also available in a smaller size, which features a shortened handle for ease of travel and storage.
  • 219 Pencil- The 219 brush features a tiny tapered design and is perfect for the precise application of eye products. Use under the bottom lash line to smoke out the colour or in the contour of the eye to add definition, it’s a perfect multi-tasker.
  • 221 Mini Tapered Blending Brush - Made of ultra-soft natural fibres the 221 brush combines the blending performance of the 217 with the precision of the 219 pencil brush. The tapered design allows for perfect control within the eye area.
  • 224 Tapered Blending - Perfect for the sheer application of colour in the contour of the eye, the 224 tapered blending brush is medium in size with delightfully soft fibres. Also available in a smaller size, which features a shortened handle for ease of travel and storage.
  • 228 Mini Shader - The 228 mini shader brush is firm and slightly rounded in shape, offering the perfect way to pack colour onto the eyelid. The natural fibres create excellent pigmentation of product and the small size makes it great for precision work.
  • 239 Eye Shader- This classic rounded eye shadow brush features soft dense bristles that make it a great tool to blend powder or cream formulations. Also available in a smaller size which features a shortened handle for ease of travel and storage.
  • 242 Shader - The firm fibres of the 242 shader brush ensure the smooth and even application of product. Great to use with eyeshadow or even concealer, the rounded edge and small shape offers the freedom for precision and detailing.
  • 248 Small Eye Shader- The 248 small eye shader brush offers all the performance of the 247 brush with a smaller design for greater precision and detailing.
  • 252 Large Shader- This soft bristled yet firm brush is designed in a paddle shape to apply powder or emollient products to the eye area with ease.
  • 266 Small Angle - The 266 brush is fantastic for creating sharp, precise lines. Great with cream or powder products, use along the upper lash line for the even application of eyeliner. Also available in a smaller size, which features a shortened handle for ease of travel and storage.
  • 275 Medium Angled Shading - Perfect for applying eyeshadow, the 275 brush is designed at an angle to fit neatly into the contour of the eye. The soft full bristles ensure that powders are picked up and blended for an expert finish.
  • 286 Duo Fibre Tapered Blending - The innovative duo-fibre design of the 286 brush allows for the sheer and subtle application of product. Its soft, tapered dome shape is ideal for use in the crease of the eye.
  • 287 Duo Fibre Eye Shadow - This paddled shaped eyeshadow brush features duo-fibres for the expert application of powder and cream formulations. Perfect for the application of Mineralize products, use the brush all over the eye area for a soft and even finish.

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MAC Lip Brushes

  • 316 Lip with Cover - The 316 brush offers you precision and control over the application of lip products. The small, flat fibres with a tapered tip allow for crisp lip lining and the metal cover ensures hygiene and ease of travel.
  • 318 Retractable Lip - This lip brush offers a tapered tip and extra firm bristles for definition in the lip area. Perfectly designed to the contours of the lip, this compact lip brush is the ideal handbag companion.

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