Zelens Makeup

Zelens Makeup

Skincare fanatics have obsessed over Zelens for years. However, it isn’t all just about skincare; we’re sharing all about the Zelens makeup range and how it helps your skin look its very best.

Who are Zelens?

Created by Dr. Marko Lens, who has worked as a plastic surgeon and anti-ageing researcher for over 20 years, Zelens products are all about powerful, scientifically developed formulas.

All of the products, from makeup to skincare, use powerful ingredients developed from biotechnology and clinically tested for results. Dr. Lens is continually developing new formulas and staying at the forefront of skincare technology.

The Zelens Makeup Range

The Zelens makeup line was developed to complement the Zelens skincare routine, giving a beautiful finish at the same time as offering powerful skin benefits; this is why it is called the ‘Active Colour’ range.

We’re going to introduce you to some of our favourites from the range.

The Zelens Active Concealer

Zelens Active Concealer

Like the bestselling foundations, the Active Concealer offers amazing colour correction and coverage at the same time as helping to support your skin.

Designed to be used under the eyes, it gives a long-lasting and natural finish that can be built from medium to full coverage. The 3 shades work for most caucasian skin tones and help to fight puffiness at the same time as brightening under the eye.

The formulas are packed with active ingredients, including:

  • Peptides that work as an anti-inflammatory and to help encourage lymphatic drainage, fighting puffiness and skin elasticity.
  • Algae Complex that helps counteract dark circles as well as firming the skin.
  • Diamond Spheres work to convert invisible UV light to blue light, which gives a ‘soft-focus’ effect helping to blur out imperfections.

With the soft brush tip applicator, we like to apply in a v shape under the eye and tap with our fingers to blend and brighten.

The Zelens Lip GlazeZelens Lip Glaze

From bright coral to soft nude, the beautiful semi-sheer colours give a glossy, juicy finish to the lips. However, these lip glosses aren’t just about adding colour no matter how much we love the fresh and pretty shades.

It is designed to help boost the collagen in your lips, leaving your lips soft and plump with better shape and texture.

Again, the formula is boosted with a whole host of active ingredients:

  • Their trademark ‘Volulip’ blend contains tripeptides and Portulaca Pilosa extract. Together these help to boost the creation of Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen for softer, plumper looking lips.
  • Phospolipids help to repair and protect the cells, ideal for treating chapped or sore lips.
  • Shiso Leaf is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, so it helps to soothe and support your lips.
  • Chondroitin Sulphate works with Collagen to help firm up the connective tissues, improving the look and shape of your lips.

These are so easy to apply on the go, keeping your lips in perfect condition all day.

The Zelens Blush

The Zelens Blush

Everyone loves a pretty flush of colour on the cheeks. Available in soft Apricot and pretty Blossom, these powder blushes are the perfect complement to glowing skin. All packaged in their luxurious silver packaging, these are ideal for keeping your skin clear and fresh looking.

The clever formulation means it looks beautiful as well as working wonders:

  • Olive Esters act as an emollient to nourish the skin and leave it soft and eslastic.
  • Baobab Extract is an amazing source of vitamin C, acting as a powerful antioxidant.
  • PMMA Microspheres, a type of acrylic, give an amazing soft focus finish to the skin.

We love that it takes just a sweep of a fluffy brush for skin to look naturally fresh and bright.

For more incredible skin boosters, discover the full Zelens range on Lookfantastic.



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